Grocery Shopping Haul

Finally went grocery shopping!

Last time I went was at the very end of September. I still have tons of yogurts left over as well as chicken, so I mostly just bought fresh produce. 

I get asked a lot about my grocery list and the food that I buy, so figured I would share with you guys!

Yogurt: Oikos triple zero, Carb master (these are low in sugar and have protein. Especially the Oikos brand, they keep me full for a couple hours!)
Dressing: Brianna’s Italian vinaigrette (it was on sale, so figured I would give it a try)

Quick snacks: Larabar (these are all  natural bars, they were on sale, and the flavors I got will help satisfy my brownie and cookie cravings.) Mojo (haven’t tried this one before, its mostly a nutty bar, interested to try it out). Packs of baby carrots. 

Fresh: strawberries, apples, bananas, tomatoes, avocados, lettuce mix 

Drinks: Ice (they have nothing in them and are bubbly so they remind me of soda but way more flavorful!) 

Bread: Nature’s Own 100% whole wheat

Teriyaki sauce since lately I’ve been loving brown rice and chicken bowls 

Peanut butter is Peter Pan’s creamy. It has no high fructose corn syrup. Always check your ingredients list! Some peanut butters have a bunch of processed crap that your body isn’t used to breaking down. 

Ground beef for taco Tuesday next week! I think I got 85% lean meat. 

Almond milk regular unsweetened since I’m not a milk drinker

Frozen veggie mix – to add to my rice and chicken bowls 

No Oreo’s, nothing really processed, no ice cream! It is amazing how much money I save by not buying crap, and by also only buying what I’ll eat. Overbuying is a waste of money, bust half the time since it is only me, I struggle to finish all my fresh food. All of this cost me 40 bucks. My last trip I got a ton of food for only 50, it all depends on the sales that the market of your choice is having! 


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