How to Afford Disneyland As A College Student

Spring break 2016.

Scott and I’s first big adventure together.

Now as you all know, Disneyland is by no means cheap. But, with a lot of planning, we were able to make it quite affordable.

First things first, buying the tickets. If you know that you are going to Disneyland, save up. Stop spending your money on stupid things that you don’t need! For me, I really tried not buying any clothes or going off campus and buying food. I had a meal plan that allowed me plenty of money to eat on campus, so I just made sure to not be using any of my real money. I also stopped getting the extras: pedicures, any random shiz at Target, makeup that I truly didn’t need, etc. By saving up I was able to set aside money for my ticket within about 4 weeks. Oh, that’s another thing. Pick up more hours if you can! If I wasn’t a nursing student I probably would have picked up more hours, but with Med-Surg I felt very overwhelmed and I honestly couldn’t stand going to work. (My job on campus sucked. The people sucked. The environment sucked. It just… sucked. And I hated working there but I needed some sort of income) Scott was able to save in about 2 weeks.

Picking a place to stay – cheap + free breakfast?!
This is where you will either really save or  spend a LOT of money.
Now I am not the type of girl who is like, “OMG. I am NOT staying in a hotel that doesn’t have 4 stars like ew, no, they need to have good beds and room service and blah blah blah”… I am the type of girl who  is like “Im a college student. I don’t want to spend a lot of money. So the best deal wins!”
Guys, for one night at a hotel that was right down the street from downtown disney, we spent a total of 70 bucks. We split that cost down the middle. One night at some of the other hotels would of cost well over 100 bucks. This hotel was honestly totally fine, right on Katella Ave by the main parking garage.  This saved us a ton and allowed us to have more spending money.
Find a hotel that has free breakfast! Our hotel offered free breakfast, and although it wasn’t anything special (muffins and orange juice), we had a couple muffins which held us over until lunch time. Guys, a banana at the park will cost you 3 bucks. If you want an actual meal for breakfast? Yeah that’ll cost you close to 10. So this saved us a little bit of cash.


When in the park, the need for water is constant. You are walking around, if you go in the summer it’s hot, and it’s important to stay hydrated so you don’t pass out. We were able to bring in my hydroflask. Don’t know what a hydroflask is? It’s basically the best thing EVER. It keeps your water cold for up to 12 hours. No joke if you put ice into it before you go to bed there is still ice in it when you wake up in the morning. We refilled them constantly! I don’t even want to guess how much money we saved. (Water bottle cost in the park: Im going to say maybe 6 bucks? and if we got water as often as we refilled the hydro flask I would say we probably would have spent close to 50 on freaking water.) So if you don’t have one, amazon sells them. I have a 21 ounce one, but they can go upwards of 36 ounces I believe or smaller at like 16 ounces. Dicks Sporting Goods sells them as well.

Stick to the cheaper items on the menu, and USE. CASH. 

Just being cautious of the prices will save you money in the end. I stuck to the cheaper items on menus and I managed to save a couple bucks by the end of the trip. Plus I only brought cash. This will help you stay aware of what you’re spending and how much you have left. Using your card is DANGEROUS when in the park. You will lose track very, very quickly. So just bring cash and keep it somewhere safe 🙂


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