Test anxiety

One thing that I never thought I struggled with has become a very real problem for me every since I started nursing school. It got extremely bad my sophomore year during Med-Surg. Test anxiety. 

No joke, I get this feeling that I am about to throw up whenever I take a test. My heart starts racing, I feel like I’m shaking, and I literally stress myself out over every question. I wish this didn’t happen and I have been trying so hard to find ways to overcome this.

This last Friday we had a cumulative exam over pediatrics. It was an online test. Let me give you some backup info… We have only had peds 5 times before taking this class. 10 hours of lecture. And that’s it. Last year with Med-Surg when we took our Hesi, I think we had close to 60 hours of class before taking it. So I felt really unprepared going into this exam. There were quite a few things on the exam that I had never even heard of… And the night before? I think I maybe got 4 hours of sleep. My mind was going 453045 miles an hour and I could not get it to calm down. Before taking my test, I took a couple deep breaths and reminded myself to not rush.

If there’s one thing that has always tripped me up on tests, it’s that I rush and don’t read the question correctly. I took my time and read every question at least 3 times to truly understand what it was asking me. I tried really hard on this exam to do well, but I didn’t pass, unfortunately.

If you are a nursing student, PLEASE take your time with questions. Also, breathe. These things helped me a little bit during my test to help me calm down. Also, eat a good breakfast before your test. Your brain needs to be awake and have energy!


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