Thursday Date Night

Scott and I have both been super busy the last month or so, and lately, we have been having to do date nights on weekdays because he’s been really busy with work on the weekends. Scott works for an entertainment company, so he DJs weddings, school dances, etc. Last weekend I actually worked a wedding with him and I was able to run the photo booth. It was really fun and it was pretty awesome being able to be a part of someone’s wedding.

The one thing I love about our relationship is that we still go on dates. I feel like a lot of couples just get used to each other and forget that little things like dates mean a lot. Scott and I have promised each other that we would never stop dating and that we always want our relationship to be fresh and exciting. The last thing we want is to be in a stagnant relationship, because once you get to that point the relationship is no longer growing.. and we both want to continue to grow both as our own persons as well as a couple.

Tonight we decided to go see a movie. We saw The Accountant at an AMC movie theater. This movie theater is fairly new, they just redid the entire place – new reclining seats, super nice, and increased overall prices of everything. Tonight cost us about 40 bucks, luckily we were able to use a student discount for tickets which saved us like 8 dollars. We hadn’t eaten anything so we ordered a chicken fingers meal – which cost 18 freaking dollars. It was a lot of food, but still… 18 dollars for a meal at a movie theater!  Overall though it was a really fun little date night and the movie was really, REALLY good. We are currently doing homework. Tomorrow I have OB lecture and lab, so I will be in class until about 3:30. One day closer to the weekend!


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