When times get rough, STOP TEXTING.

I just spent the last hour comforting my close friend. Why? Because her boyfriend. All she wants to do is talk to him on the phone, and she flat out told him that all she wants to do is talk on the phone because she had a bad day. What does he do? Says he can’t talk on the phone and doesn’t give her a call!!!!!! I LITERALLY WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE GUT.

communication is key to a relationship
without communication the relationship will not get anywhere
For me personally I know that communication plays a huge part in my relationship. I prefer when my boyfriend texts me that he is busy and doing homework rather than him not responding to me for a couple hours and me wondering where he is or if something bad happened. It takes 5 seconds to send a quick text to your significant other telling them what you are doing or where you are at. By doing this a lot of time can be saved as well as tears and harsh words.
Also, talking on the phone is much more efficient than texting. You can not tell the tone of someones voice over text. My boyfriend and I have made it a priority to hash out our problems mostly in person, but sometimes over the phone is the only option during that moment. This ensures that there is no miscommunication between the two of you!
texting to try and solve issues does not work
call your boyfriend/girlfriend
calling = solving issues 
I have been in a long distance relationship before, 2 actually in the past couple of years. They aren’t easy. My first long distance relationship was pretty rough. He wouldn’t ever really tell me what he was doing, but yet he always wanted to know what I was up to. My second long distance relationship lacked any sort of lovey-doveyness to it, and it was obvious that we were separated before he moved back to California from college. Communication was lacking in both of these relationships and it caused a lot of fights and a lot of tears. I wasn’t happy at all, and I hated not knowing what was going on with my boyfriend! You can not assume what the other person is doing or expect them to just guess that you are having a rough day. If you are busy, tell them. If you aren’t having a good day, tell them. Don’t just expect them to know how you’re feeling!

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