Next Fitness Challenge

My next fitness challenge starts November 1, and I must say I am pretty excited about it. It has been a while since I have done any of the workouts using my at home program. During my September fitness challenge I managed to lose 10.2 inches. I was super committed, super motivated, and I was loving how visible my results were!

What is a fitness challenge?

Well, it’s basically a way to stay motivated, stay accountable, and have a support group when on your fitness journey. There’s an app that all my challengers get access to when they join where they can log all of their progress, it’s really cool because at the end of the fitness challenge you can view your starting pictures and your starting measurements. I truly like these challenges because the workouts are challenging and I love seeing the other girls in my challenges get active and log their progress. I am hoping that with this challenge that I stay on track. Last month I struggled to really stick to it as I was losing the motivation. Hopefully this round I am much more motivated and pumped about it.

Can’t wait to start and to share my progress with you all!


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