21 day FIX: day 2 of 21

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 9.26.47 PM.pngDay 1 compared to yesterday. Day 1 consisted of three meals while day 2 consisted of 5 and a lot of water.

Yesterday I worked in the morning and I failed to eat breakfast before heading in. Working at a pretzel place has made it very tempting… and man did I give in to my cravings. I was so hungry. I had a cup of the mini pretzel dogs (aka pigs in a blanket) as well as a few pieces of the pizza bites. I didn’t eat any more carbs the rest of my day because I knew I already ate too much in my morning – only plus side was that I was eating in small amounts every 2 hours. By the time I was off at 1230 (which was when I ate the mini pretzel dogs), I was full and didn’t really want to eat anymore more. I didn’t eat again until about 4. I went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner with Scott. I had 2 salads (spring mix, tomato, carrots, peas, egg, balsamic vinaigrette, cheddar cheese, and black olives), the broccoli mix they have, some chili, and  some chicken breast (I dump out all of the noodles and eat just the chicken!). I was so hungry! But I refrained from eating any carbs! Broken down I had probably 3 green containers, 2 red, and 1 blue.

After my workout (upper body) I had a delicious chocolate protein shake (chocolate protein, some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, natural PB, and a purple container of grapes). My shoulders and chest are pretty sore today – and I love being sore, because that’s how I know my body is changing 🙂

Even though I started my day off on the wrong track, I adjusted accordingly for the rest of my day, and I think my body loved the fact I carb loaded in the morning because it was able to burn through it the rest of the day! I ate so much, and yet, even though both pictures were taken around the same time, my stomach looked so much smaller!! It’s seriously crazy how clean eating can cleanse your body.


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