My first OB clinical!

[I have advice for my fellow nursing students down below for getting started in clinicals!]

Yesterday was a LONG day. I had my first OB clinical and I spent my 12 hours in postpartum. It was a long day, and we started off by assessing our moms and their new babies. My favorite part by far was being able to hold the little ones. I also loved seeing new mommies and daddies soaking up all the cuteness regarding their new baby. It was so cute to watch dad’s hold their baby and talk to them. I only gave two meds – an IV push and an IM in the booty. I have never done an IM before, and I felt really bad for the patient recieving that needle cause they’re not tiny. 

If you don’t like boobs or vaginas and feel awkward about them, then OB is probably not a good place for you. I saw a LOT, of both. You’ll also see a lot of blood in postpartum just because nurses do fundal checks to make sure that the uterus is contracting back it’s normal size, and when they press down blood may come out. You’ll never know when a patient may start hemorrhaging, and at that point you will be seeing waves of blood coming out of the vagina. I also got to watch my nurse in action and help mom’s with breastfeeding. It is interesting how much goes into breastfeeding as far as making sure that the baby has a good latch, how to get it to suck, making sure you’re keeping the baby awake while feeding, and also teaching moms how to properly hold their baby to breastfeed. I feel like I gained a lot of information, and I feel like I will be super prepared now for when I have my first baby (which won’t be for a while lol but still).

I loved everything about yesterday – besides the fact that I had a lot of downtime and was just sitting around. I am really excited to go into labor and delivery though! 

If you have clinical, get to know your nurse and ask them questions! My nurse taught me so much yesterday. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up! Sometimes they forget that you’re there and they will just go about their tasks, but don’t be afraid to speak up if you want to pass a med through an IV, listen to a babies heart beat, or even do a fundal check on mom! When I spoke up, my nurse loved explaining how she assessed baby and everything she listens for. They also want to know that you’re interested, and speaking up to do things shows them that! Make sure you go to clinical prepared! Bring lots of paper, lots of snacks, and get your instructor’s phone number incase anything happens or you have any questions! You will probably have to be writing down information for your concept map or SBAR, so write down as much information as you can – and never leave your papers with a patient’s info out in the open, because that technically is a HIPAA violation. You will get hungry since it’s a long shift, and most units have a break room for you to put food, so brings yogurt, an apple, and even a soda with some caffeine for later!


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