Stress relief yoga

Tonight I tried something a little different. Since I am not feeling too great – mother nature is paying me a visit – I truly don’t have the energy to get a Fix workout in. So, since I have been studying all day for my exam tomorrow, I decided to go to Youtube and find some yoga! I love yoga. First off, I am not flexible at all, and so it helps me to loosen up. Secondly, I get pretty bad lower back pain.. and it turns out that if you have tight hamstrings from not stretching out, that’s most likely why you have bad lower back pain. Yoga helps me to clear my mind, stretch out my muscles, as well as keep me focused on my body’s balance. I was able to find yoga specifically for stress and anxiety relief! It was amazing! If you are like me, and your mind is constantly going 879485 miles an hour before an exam, then I highly suggest trying yoga.

I found myself focusing purely on the yoga, and my balance. My mind feels so much lighter after completing the session, and it was only 20 minutes long! I have truly been falling in love with yoga, and I think I might start incorporating it into my daily routine!


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