First OB Exam & Study Tips

Yesterday I had my first exam in OB. The exam was a little difficult for me, as I didn’t spend enough time reviewing the powerpoints that my professor made. At least now I know what to do in order to perform better on my next exam. My professor makes her own powerpoints, so she only includes information on them that will be relevant to our tests. For this exam, I started studying about a week and a half prior. For this class, I decided to try and handwrite all of my notes rather than type them out, and this has helped me a lot. I find myself listening more to what my professor is saying, as well as not getting distracted by sending messages over my computer or checking social media. 

To study, I made flashcards, and I think that they really helped me for this exam! The only reason I struggled with this exam was because there were questions that I really did not know the answer to, I simply didn’t know the information to choose the right answer. I will be meeting with my professor sometime soon to see what questions I missed! Anyways, I am someone who likes repetition, the more my mind sees it, the more likely I’m going to remember it. Two days before my exam, I decided to try something new. I would use my flashcards, and instead of just saying the answer out loud, I wrote down the answer on a piece of paper. I found this very helpful as well, because I wasn’t cheating myself. Sometimes, when using flashcards, it’s easy to just turn over the card to see what the answer is, and in the end, you aren’t getting any benefit out of that. Also, because I had all of the information from my flashcards basically imprinted in my mind, I was able to blurt down all of the information on my exam as soon as I got it. Writing down everything that’s going through your mind before you start looking at questions is very useful, because that way you don’t have to scramble through your thoughts to think of the answer. You can look back at what you’ve written down and there’s your answer!

One thing I am really upset about is the fact that I failed to read a question all the way through, therefore, I missed an easy point. I failed to see that the question was a select all that apply… so I only chose one of the options when I should have selected like 4. I know now to pay more attention to this for my final exam. 

All in all:

  1. read every question more than once
  2. go through your exam twice
  3. if you’re a repetition learner, use flashcards
  4. powerpoints are useful
  5. read the subjects your professor goes over in lecture in your book for further explanation
  6. find a website online that offers practice questions, NCLEX style questions take getting used to
  7. if you don’t know the answer, use what you know to cross out the choices you know are wrong and then pray you’re a good guesser

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