Breakfast Oats

If there is one meal I truly enjoy eating for breakfast, it’s oatmeal! I’m not talking about the packaged oatmeal… I’m talking about 100% pure oats!FullSizeRender.jpg

What brand I choose: I like Quaker steel-cut oats. They come in a huge carton, so I get a LOT for my money. The biggest reason I choose plain oatmeal is because the flavored oatmeals are packed with sugar. If you look at the nutrition facts for Quaker oats that are flavored, you’ll find that there’s salt and something called guar gum… I don’t know what this is, but it does not sound natural, which means your body doesn’t know how to break it down. Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 6.29.50 PM.png



In the regular, steel-cut oats there’s only 27 grams of carbs and only 1 gram of sugar. The ingredients? 100% steel-cut oats. This is a huge difference, because you’re digesting something true and natural. 

How I make it: There are two ways that I’ll prepare this meal, depending on how much of a rush I’m in. If you’re in a rush, simply add 1/4 cup of oats and water, and place in the microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. If I have time, I’ll boil water and then add the oats in. If I cook them in a pan with boiled water, I’ll normally make quite a bit of oats so that I can put them in the fridge and have overnight-oats prepped for the week. Whether they’re cold or hot, I add natural peanut butter and some berries or half a banana! 

Benefits of oats for breakfast: In the morning, your brain is really only able to function at it’s full capacity when you eat breakfast (which is why breakfast is so important). Oatmeal = carbs = energy for your brain! Not only do I feel full after this meal, but I also feel awake and ready for the day. This meal will hold me over for a good 2-3 1/2 hours. Need some energy before a workout? This meal works perfect as a pre-workout!


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