The Importance of Serving Size

So many of us tend to overlook what is said on the nutrition labels on food. For this example, I’m going to use trail mix and a candy bar. Most people look at the trail mix and think, “Nuts and a little chocolate, probably better than candy!” Well, let me tell you… take a look at the serving size for the trail mix. It will probably say 1/4 cup equals one serving, and each serving has maybe `170 calories in it. Then, you look at the total number of servings, and it says that there are 4 servings in the container.

Lets do some math now… 170 x 4 = 680 calories.

You probably finished that trail mix so fast before you even had a chance to look at the nutrition facts! Well, you just scarfed down as many calories as a McDonald’s chicken nuggets happy meal with a soda. You were honestly probably better off eating the candy bar that had only 250 calories in it.

This happened to me last weekend at clinical… we had just finished our 12 hour day and all I wanted was some trail mix. I finished all of it in a matter of 20 minutes… and I wanted to throw up when I looked at just how unhealthy it was. My stomach hated me after consuming all of that sugar and garbage… 

This is why it is so important to look at the serving size! Even a bag of Smart Pop, which has only 100 calories in a single serving bag, can have over 300 calories if you get the bigger bag. This is why single serving bags are the best, because it’s guaranteed that you won’t eat anything more than what’s in the bag. So next time you start eating away at a bag of Wheat Thins, or any other “healthy” snack, check out the serving size to determine how much you really should be eating so that you know you’re stopping point. The last thing you want to do is waste your calories on JUNK that’s going to leave you hungry in about an hour.


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