Why I won’t eat McDonalds ever again

Being in nursing school, we normally talk about stuff that’s science related or has to deal with patient care, the human body, etc. Well today, in my community health class, we talked about things that affect our population … dust in the air, pollution, availability of water, and genetically modified foods. 

I chose to do research on GMOs – foods that have been genetically changed in order to last longer. Did you know that most countries have actually banned GMOs? My boyfriend served his mission in Ireland/Scotland, and he said that if you go grocery shopping that the food is so fresh that because it’s real you have to use it within a day or two, or else it goes bad. Which is how REAL food should be. Real food spoils after a couple of days. Foods in the United States are not allowed to be labeled weather or not they have been genetically modified. Pretty disgusting isn’t it?

My professor also happened to whip out a Happy Meal from McDonalds. This meal looked normal, maybe a day or so old. She told us the date that she bought it. Take a guess. 2 weeks ago? no.


6 months ago? no.

1 year ago? no.

March of 2007. Yup. 9 years old.

Apparently McDonalds has changed a lot about their food and it won’t last this long anymore… but let’s be real… it’s not REAL food. Snapchat has a story up right now about the mimage-1yths of McDonalds.. and did you know that their eggs aren’t even eggs? They’re a blended mix of God knows what. So the next time you want McDonalds, think about this picture and the fact that this…. STUFF… will just be sitting in your body.


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