Why I stopped stepping on the scale

*Old me* “Its Friday. Time to step on the scale. I really hope I lost weight.” I would proceed to step on the scale every week, only to see the number up one week and down another. The scale can become addicting.

This addiction to the scale is why I stopped. For a while, I was weighing myself every couple of days, but what I didn’t understand was that weight loss didn’t occur that quickly.

Now, I weight myself once every couple of months. I no longer obsess over numbers, and I don’t focus on the number either. When you focus on the number on the scale, you stress yourself out and your mind holds onto that number, which halts your weight loss. In my opinion, when you are more focused on getting healthy and building a better YOU, your body is better able to let go of the fat.

I also love taking measurements, because they can truly prove if youre shrinking or not! In one month, I was able to lose 10.2 inches from all over my body. It was so encouraging and amazing to see that number. To me, the inches are far more rewarding than my weight.


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