My Fitness Story

This blog is dedicated to helping others along their journey as well as a way to provide as much advice as I can, as well as documenting my journey with fitness and just being real. When we find someone we can relate to we realize that we are not alone in our journey, that there are other people who have the same exact struggles and are going through very similar things.

College can make it very difficult to stay healthy and eat clean. During my freshman year of college, I gained the freshman 15. I was eating horribly. I clearly had no idea how to eat or what to eat. My school had all sorts of goodies when I first moved onto campus: Chick Fil A, Subway, frozen yogurt, not to mention a buffet that had pizza and chicken nuggets all day, every day. I could not stay away from the nuggets and fries, I will admit that. During sophomore year I got to my heaviest weight EVER.

170 pounds.
Over the last several months I have found a new love for fitness and an overall healthier lifestyle. Working out is one of my favorite ways to destress, and I have become obsessed with the results I have gotten since I started. I am currently down about 20 pounds, and I have never been more determine to keep going.