Day 58: Paisley

Our senior year is flying by. Honestly, it is terrifying. The thought of taking the NCLEX actually makes me want to vomit. (-: There is so much pressure surrounding nursing students to pass the NCLEX… if you don’t pass the first time you only have a 30% chance of passing on the second time just because of the added anxiety and pressure. I have found that doing photography has helped keep me well rounded though as far as my anxiety, in that I can forget about everything else. All that matters during these photoshoots is my model and taking pictures that capture their beauty and this special milestone in their lives. I had so much fun with this session.

Paisley – my roommate – is currently at the Mayo Clinic doing a residency in the ICU. She has already been recognized by her floor manager and the nurse that she has been working with. She is absolutely killin’ it in her residency. She is someone who jumps at any opportunity she can get when it comes to being in the hospital. Surprisingly there are some students who would rather sit in a chair and do nothing rather than get up and learn new things. I don’t think any of my friends are like that in my class – we are all super eager to learn and be in the hospital. I personally have enjoyed my clinicals the past two weeks. I only have 7 more clinicals until I graduate – holy WHAT THE HECK. Seriously where has time gone?!