Winter Break Road Trip

Salt Lake City, Utah.

A place I have never been to, so when Scott and his family invited me to go, I wasn’t going to deny the offer. Plus, adventuring with Scott is an automatic YES I WILL GO.

The travel up there was about a 10 hour car ride. It was a beautiful drive though, especially once we entered Utah. SLC was freezing, especially for me. Born and raised in California, and having been a resident of Arizona for the last 10 years (I can’t believe it’s been that long already), I am used to sunny and 90 degrees. I couldn’t leave the house without having at least 5 layers on, plus a scarf and gloves. Our first day there, Scott and I took the Utah Trax system down to Temple Square, which was gorgeous. We went to the Tabernacle – which had the biggest organ ever! Then we went to the visitor centers and learned about all the history behind the building of the temple.  40 YEARS – that’s how long it took to build the temple in SLC. We also went to the Conference Center, and had the pleasure of having an amazing tour guide – Rodger. He was a cute old man who’s wife also worked there, and his laugh was by far the most contagious laugh I have ever heard. At the end of our tour, he said, “God bless you two, I love you guys, and safe travels home”. He was so sweet, so if you go to the Conference Center, ask for Rodger! (And tell him Scott and Briana from Arizona say hi 🙂 ).



After our touring around we met up with some of his Utah buds and got lunch at the mall located a couple blocks down from Temple Square. It was so great catching up with them – we haven’t seen them since the summer, so the boys had a lot of catching up to do. Scott and I had Kneaders for lunch – seriously, blows Panera Bread and Paradise Bakery out of the water. It’s SO. GOOD. The turkey bacon avocado salad is life. And their ranch is out of this world. New Year’s Eve was spent in a warm cozy bed cuddled up next to Scott after a couple hours at the Utah Jazz basketball game (where I got dessert). And no, we didn’t even manage to stay up – we were asleep by 11:30 (L O L).


Day 2 consisted of visiting Scott’s sister’s (Ashley) wedding venue in Ogden (I think). It was beautiful! Freezing cold – but very pretty. It’s a ski resort and is literally in the mountains. I took some awesome photos up there. Dinner that night was at this Brazilian place where they come to your table with different types of meats as well as unlimited access to a delicious salad bar. I had every type of meat you could possibly think of as well as some truly interesting things. A date wrapped in bacon – delicious. A chicken heart – the most disgusting thing I have ever tried in my entire life.

listen to me – if there is anything you take away from this blog post…. it’s never. ever. eat a chicken heart.

The texture was so tough and thick. I almost threw up while eating it, and I wanted so badly to spit it out into a napkin, but I didn’t want to make myself look like a disgusting pig in front of his parents (his dad would of made fun of me for the rest of forever, and I am pretty sure that because of how nauseas I was afterwards he is still going to make fun of me regardless). It was a fun day to say the least.

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The trip home was rough. It was snowing and storming on our way out… and for a period of time we were only going about 35 miles an hour. It took us 12 hours to get home, but thank God I took some motion sickness medication and clonked out. TIP: do not try and attempt to watch a movie on your iPhone while you are driving on a swervy road.

All in all – great trip. It feels good to be out of the snow. I didn’t appreciate our winters here in Arizona until now. Not having to put on 5 layers of clothing just to go outside is such a blessing. Scott & I can officially cross off every city in the U.S. where it blizzards off the list of places we want to live.